Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gartner's hype curve. Is Twitter at the point ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’? Or already passed that a long time ago?

My comment on Meg Pickard's blog 'The many ways in which the experience of Twitter’s development and growing popularity is very much like the experience of early blogging'.

Nice clarifying timeline AND Gartner’s Hype Curve! When I think and rethink about it I’m not sure where to put Twitter right now in the Gartner’s hype curve. Is Twitter at the point of ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ (that’s how I feel about it right now) or already passed the point ‘Slope of Enlightenment’? Should we not devide the Twitter users into a couple of groups? My assumption is that each groups rounds the timeline with a different speed and at a different time. The group ‘early adapters’ already rounded this timeline a few times. They had their own early adapters, media, experts, celebrities etc.

The groups I see: early adapters, new users and their friends, small media, mainstraim media, celebrities, experts, people you never expected, everyone (= it became a killer application = we can’t be a social human being without it).

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