Thursday, September 10, 2009

Do I have to redefine my definition on communication? Footnote on 'Twitter a killer application? No! But ...'

A few steps back.

I joined Twitter on 17th of july 2009. Just lurking a bit. From the very beginning I try to understand what Twitter is about. I try to define if Twitter is a killer application – like some say. I try to predict from the inside if Twitter is really going to change our human lifes. Last 2 weeks I was thinking on the followers and following statistics on Twitter. How is it possible to follow (‘following’) more than 43.000 twitterers and to be followed (‘followers’) by more than 74.000?

Desmond Morris tells in his book 'The Naked Ape' (1967) that our human behaviour is largely evolved to meet the challenges of prehistoric life as hunter-gatherers who lived in groups from 40-60 people to survive. This “40-60 people group” concept is according to Morris still alive and something I always recognize in my personal life. But what I do not know is how this 40-60 people group concept works in relation to Twitter.

(a) Is 40-60 people group a correct concept of our human survival?
(b) Is internet since 20 years, step by step, changing our human lives?

(c) Is it possible that Twitter is going to change our human lives?
(d) How can someone communicate with more than 43.000 people who he is following?
(e) Do I have to redefine my definiton on “communication”?

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