Friday, May 26, 2017

Drinking Water

Talking about how much I enjoy and love life, is as if I've to talk or post about drinking water. Of course. Naturally. Is there any other way?

I enjoy ...
  • walking
  • smell of cows
  • watching color and components of flowers
  • listening to the sound of birds
  • look at airplanes flying over and wondering where they come from and where they go to and why
  • talking
  • reading
  • buying books
  • laughing
  • teasing
  • to give and receive love
  • be a teacher and student
  • wonder what the names are of all those little insects
  • color and smell of grass
  • sound of wind in trees
  • looking at people how the walk and talk
  • dream of countries and places I'll probably never visit
  • hay in pastures
  • clouds in the sky
  • writing
  • you, me and us
  • look in your eyes
  • you in your ... - not telling you
  • freshly washed linens
  • early morning and late evening sun
  • smell of woodfire 
  • use all my senses
  • simple

Last Saturday I went with my daughter L and one of her best friends to a Agnes Obel concert in Liège (Belgium). I expected one lady behind a piano but it was a band of four woman. One on drums. Two of them playing on string instruments. Agnes singing and playing piano or keyboard. I loved their cloud of music very much. For me something between: Kate Bush, piano, mysterious, poem, sounds of nature and simple. In one image: warm cloud of voices, music and down to Earth words. Lovely!

I made a couple of pictures. Not of great quality but just to give you an idea how it looked like.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Que Reste-t-il?

Que Reste-t-il ...
Of that what was, must and should have been?
Of a child I've never seen?
Que Reste-t-il ...
Of the rendez-vous (encore) we never made?
Of the photo that we didn't take?
Que Reste-t-il ...
Of love-letters that noone will ever read?
Of your eyes on me?
Que Reste-t-il ...
Of drinking coffee from the same cup as you?
Of clouds passing by slowly?
Que Reste-t-il ...
Of walking hand in hand?
Of little kisses?
Que Reste-t-il ...
Of your empty hand when I flew away?
Of my empty hand when you flew away?

Que Reste-t-il ... 
O luz antiga o fim da tarde?
O saudade?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Is language shaping the way we think? And write? And convey ideas?

Yes, I think so too. To be more accurate I think that images or metaphors are the atoms of our communication. Images are bigger than a written or spoken language. It's the very structure of what we say and think and how we act.

Words are image-atoms. Every single word! Sentences are a group of image-atoms with their own image-atom(s) as structure. Compris? Do you grasp how deep this goes? Every single word!

I think a lot of people will laugh mildly about the fact that Ancient Egyptians thought that writing down a hieroglyph meant that it was born. Coming alive! It sounds like a magic that passed away long ago but for me it's still true. It never died! The moment we use a new image-atom a new universe is born. With its pros and cons, (dis)advantages, pitfalls, (ab)use and ... - there must be more. With its own magic!

I don't know if different languages produce different image-atoms. My intuition tells me it's the same hardware but sometimes software is able to change the very hardware too. So? All what I wrote down before these words are: image-atoms. The question is: can we think beyond, above, under, on and ... - there must be more - image-atoms?

Et puis, there is always the magic of meeting familiar souls - the ones you know since childhood in retrospect - who play in the same sandpit. Or just sit next to it. Just a few words. Just a few minutes. And my life, your life and our lives change. Change as water flows through a river.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

It Must Be Wrinkles

Where does my interest for Ancient Egypt come from? I don't have a clear and ready to pick answer on that question. So here a couple of different tracks to the top of the same mountain:
  • At a very young age. The treasures of king Tut and the curse. The pyramids of Egypt #gold #VeryOld
  • For six months I lived near Sharm el Sheikh in the Sinai (South Camp, MFO) #desert #sun #NotTouristLiveHere #selfconfidence
  • Puzzling on hieroglyphs #QA more
  • Looking for an answer 'What is definition (or definitions) of happiness for Ancient Egyptians?' #QA #happiness more
  • Antidote against Ancient Greece and Rome #antidote more
  • Ancient Egypt as (partly) birthplace of Western civilization #fringe more
  • THAT in Aswan #enlightenment more
  • And in old Egypt? Some crafts(wo)man made a lovely goddess out of wood #PlayboyBunny #wrinkles more
  • ... - there must be more

As you can see this is a long list and in between lines you can read that Egypt and Ancient Egypt is entwined into my personal life. In a way I grew up with it. #GrowingUp

If I put it in images: I entered a world of Others when I set foot on Egypt soil in 1987. Sun, yellow and empty desert instead of rain, green, houses and roads. When I came back to The Netherlands I knew I was changed. Making fuss about loose tiles in the pavement (more) while people starve of hunger! 

Next to that I am still puzzling. I read a lot about Ancient Egypt but still I don't fully comprehend them. It still feels as a world of Others. In a way I am looking for their "magic". Better: I am trying to re-live their magic world. The magic that somewhere is hidden behind, above, underneath or ... - what image to use? - their eyes who "see" sun and not a huge pile of money when they use gold. #magic more

P.S. Different tracks to same mountain? I wrote about this earlier in blog post 'Frozen?' (2010).

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Letter with Cflr1flr2l

Did you know that I talk to my chicken while feeding them? It feels for me that they completely ignore my talking. Three weeks ago one of our four hens died. It feels for me that they completely ignore her death.


Pretty down to Earth those Ancient Egyptians. 'Gold' for them was a picture of a 'necklace of gold and pearl'. When they want to talk about 'electrum' or 'silver' they add a 'was sceptre' or 'mace'. 'Bronze', 'copper' and 'metal' are not clear to me. 'Iron' was literally 'iron from the sky' or 'metal of heaven'. Read: coming from a fallen meteorite of iron.

The 'Sinai' peninsula was 'country of turquoise'. Turquoise is a blue-to-green stone (better: mineral). Lapis lazuli is a deep blue stone (better: rock). Both of these blue stones were used in the death mask of Tutankamen.

Did you know that for the Ancient Egyptians ... 
  • silver was more precious than gold?
  • gold was a divine and indestructible metal associated with the sun? 
  • gold had no economic importance and was only used for it's limited Royal and religious use?

I repeat. Gold had for the Ancient Egyptians no economic importance. It was only important for their religion. Gold as divine, indestructible and (color of) sun. With their eyes we are supposed to "see" sun and not a huge pile of money.

P.S. I wrote on value of silver before in blogpost 'Treasure Virtually Unknown' (April 2013).

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Less Than Thousand

Less than 1,000 people have been able to read and translate, since Champollion deciphered them in 1822, Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. One of them translated a representative set of Ancient Egyptian texts into English: Toby Wilkinson, 'Writings from ancient Egypt' (2016).

It's a lovely book. With an introduction to every individual text and informative footnotes. For me this is a perfect guide into the world and thoughts of the Ancient Egyptians. Antidote against Ancient Greece and Rome! The world of the Ancient Egyptians is so different. The world of Others. At the same time their words of 4,000 to 4,500 years ago feel sometimes so close.

Check out:
  • 'Cycle of Hymns to Senusret III', page 96-100. Reminds me of Katie Melua's song, 'If you were a sailboat'. He is ... one in a million, a dyke, a cool room, a rampart, a refuge, a shelter, a shade, a warm corner and a mountain that hinders the storm when the sky rages.
  • 'The Great Hymn to the Orb', page 101-106. For the first time in history polytheism changed into: there is only one Orb and one Orb only. The source for the jewish JWH and christian God.
  • 'Chapter 125 The Declaration of Innocence', from 'The Book of Dead', page 165-174. For me this is the fertile ground that inspired the jews and christians to their Ten Commandments.
  • 'Harpist Song from the Tomb of King Intef', page 223-227. Rare. For me the greatest jewel of this book. More than 3,300 years old. "Follow your heart as long a you live! (...) Do as your heart commands while you're upon earth! (...) Look, no one is allowed to take his possessions with him. Look, no one who departs returns!"
  • 'The Teaching of Ani', page 300-311. 25th maxim: "Make a garden and enclose a plot, in addition to your fields. Set out trees in it to shelter your house. Fill your hand with all the flowers that your eye can see."

New for me. The two obelisks of Hatsepsut were wrought in electrum (page 194). Electrum!

In continuation to blogpost 'Happiness as 'Open of Heart. All senses sharp. Stripped of Unsavory.' (November 2011). I've to check out the hieroglyphs behind 'happy' and 'happiness' on page 39, 226 (twice), 261, 267 and 302. And 'joyfull' on page 51.

The hieroglyphs of 'iron' are 'miracle of heaven' (read 'meteorite'). This makes me curious for the hieroglyphs of silver, gold, electrum, copper and bronze. And of lapis lazuli. And of the Sinaï. And Maat and Isfet.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Flexible Light

Travel light! Yes, I travel light but as light as a scout. I don't believe in travel light as in having "nothing" in your rugsack. Travel light is for me above a light mind that is open for the world around and in him/ her.

When I walk I've the following items in my rugsack:
- Pocket knife
- Spare laces for my walking shoes
- Rope 3 meter 
- Sunglasses
- Cap
- Sun tan lotion
- Toiletpaper in a plastic bag
- Poncho
- Telephone with cord
- Powerbank for telephone 
- Wallet
- Water
- Sandwiches and fruit
- Map

These items, together with the clothes I wear (always 3 or 4 layers of clothes), give me maximum flexibility. I can sleep in my poncho. I can walk 50 kilometers a day. Protected against rain, sun, wind and snow. Everything with and on me to survive "everything" literally and figuratively.

I have in me all the dreams of the world.

P.S. I wrote on this before in blogpost 'All Dreams of World'  (december 2015).

Monday, April 10, 2017

No Pictures

In a couple of weeks I'll join an Agnes Obel concert. Together with my oldest daughter and one of her best friends. I am very fond of this song: Familiar. I don't know why.

Yesterday I made a 21 kilometer walk. Alone. T. didn't have any wanderlust. Lovely walk. It's spring in my country. The sun was very warm. I didn't make any pictures. These days I am experimenting with "no pictures". To experience if I look better, more concentrated when I don't make frozen pictures. To be offline visually. To live in the now. To breath in and out without society's kiss on my forehead by showing (off) where I've been.

Friday, March 31, 2017

How the West was Won?

Go West young man, go West. How was the West won? Do you know? Did you know that the popular and romantized era of cowboys, indians, outlaws and sheriffs only lasted 10-20 years?

In 1873 Timothy O'Sullivan made the oldest photos of the American West as it was charted for the first time. I love this one: Camp Beauty, Arizona (1873). Mark the tents.

More pictures of him: here (DailyMailCoUk, 2012) and here (Wiki Commons).

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Wanted: a spring fairy (Dutch 'lentefee). And the reward is ...

P.S. Just another Chinese garden (blogpost from 2010).