Friday, September 30, 2016

Not Built On Rocks

Woman subordinate or inferior to men? Woman should have a husband? What nonsense! Sometimes we realize that the things/ thoughts we classify and consider as "natural" are founded on loose sand. Woman are not naturally born as second sex, as woman but they become woman as product of society, parents, religion and conformity. Simone de Beauvoir in 'The Second Sex' (1949): "One is not born, but rather becomes, (a) woman.

What more loose sand founded natural things/ thoughts can we see if we take a deeper look in history?

  • Happiness is pleasure? What nonsense! The definition of happiness has changed at least five times in the history of the Western world. More. What about the definitions of happiness in China, India and ... - there must be more. 
  • Paradise, Heaven, Jannah or Afterlife? What nonsense! All those "worlds" are constructed to keep out human suffering. There is only one world, with which we have to live. We have no other choice than to affirm the world as it is, including all suffering. More
  • Images or metaphors steady as rock? What nonsense! Any idea how influential images are? More
  • Democracy as a Natural Law. Love as a Natural Law. Peace (not War) as a Natural Law. What nonsense! It's projection. Made and invented concepts by 'homo-sapiens' in Western Europe. Historically biased.  Culturally biased. 'Homo-sapiens' biased. Individual 'homo-sapiens' biased. Highly subjective. More

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Remember that ...

"Let's be young again, if only for the weekend
Let's be fools again, let's fall in at the deep end
Let's do once more
All those things we did before"

Song: here