Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life in progress. List 23th February 2011 10.58h

My to do list. My public to do list concerning Twitter and Blogging (disordered):
  • What would T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) have thought of Mubarak and Egypt of today? What's my opinion on @dirkdot answer?
  • Check out writer Dulce Maria Cardoso. I want to read one of her books because she said “I love just let time pass by”.
  • Read poems of one of my friends.
  • Read e-book 'THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. How Our Most Ancient Moral Text Can Renew Modern Life'
  • Finish reading C. Meier's 'Ceasar. A biography' (1982). Bookjacket "Of the maybe half a dozen books on Ceasar that are worth reading, Meier's is the best."
  • Update @Brunacaram page on Wikipedia. I found out that she never reached the Brazilian charts.
  • Write a blog on "lists".
  • Read my first book in Spanish.
Question: What's your list?


    It feels strange. Yesterday I ran into my first Facebook-suicide. He - I'm not telling you - shut down his account because he spend "too much time on social media". He had to "focus" on other "more profitable" activities.

    So be it.

    What's my opinion on all this? Don't really know. I guess something like the real-world suicide: it's your life and your choice. Live your life or step out! At the same time I feel so well balanced. Social media for me is so much easier when I stick to my concept 'maximum of 40-60 friends' on Twitter, Facebook and BlipFM. It keeps my timelines at ease. We can't be in control of all the tweets, newsitems and music on planet Earth. I'm in control because I'm out of control. Let it float.

    P.s. I wrote a couple of times on this subject before. Read this: 'Virtual friends. The distance is so much bigger but the format is the same'.

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    My wrist bracelet. The old one.

    Brown eyes. Her eyes were brown.

    One day long I had been puzzling and wondering who wrote the little note that the waitress gave to me the night before. "Come! Take bus 35 to A. at 01.27 at the bus stop (end of the alley)." Jerusalem, end of June 1987. X and I had been drinking the whole evening long tequila sunrise. "Salt. Lemon. Tequila. Ad fundum." We were jolly. It was holiday time. The weather was smooth. We laughed a lot. Shared good memories. Telling jokes. Making fun. Talk about the things we wanted to see on the days to come in Israel.

    We were a little drunk when we received the little note. Read it. Looked around us. Smiled and laughed. Ordered another drink. The waitress didn't want to tell us who wrote the letter. We decided not to go. We hadn't been flirting or talked to anyone special this evening. It could be a trap. Just take a bus to "nowhere" to do what? Get a life! It could be a trap!
    Next evening. I looked at her eyes. Looked at her body. WOW! "So this is the girl who wrote with a girlfriend to us the little note last night?" Why? Why didn't she talk to us before? Why didn't she asked, in person with her girlfriend, the night before what they wanted? Of course I would have liked to get a drink with her. Her girlfriend told me that in Jerusalem it is not "proper" to talk and flirt with strangers or tourist. So be it.

    Windows of opportunities. This time there was condensation on the window. The evening before she and her girlfriend had a day off. This evening she and her girlfriend had to work. I never really talked to her. I didn't wait till she finished her shift as I planned. I was too drunk. Next to that we had to move on. In a few hours we would have to catch an early bus. I smiled at her and gave her my golden wrist bracelet I bought some months before in Cairo. (Remember in those days we didn't exchange e-mailadresses, facebook- or twitternames.)

    Those brown eyes. I never saw her again. Can't even remember her name. Esther? 

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Lillies of the field. Coincidence?

    Look! Look at the lillies of the field! They don't work. They are not worried about what to wear, eat and think. They don't puzzle about the "revolution" in Egypt. They are not distracted by the ups and downs of love. They are not worried about their kids.

    Aristotle asserts that plants - a lily is a plant - possess a vegetative soul, responsible for reproduction and growth. Plants don't move and are not sensitive like animals. Plants don't think and reflect like 'homo sapiens'.

    I'm fascinated by the fact that vegetative organisms seem very similar to happy people. They coincide. They are identical. It's something that pops up in my mind every now and then. That puzzles me for more than 25 years.

    Last week I was strolling a little. Killing time because my two daughters had their weekly gymnastics. I passed a house. In it, two people (man and wife?) sitting in their livingroom watching TV. They seemed to me perfectly happy. They had everything they need(ed): food, drinks, love and shelter. All they did was breathing in and out. In and out. In and out. Just like a plant. Without the need to #move or #dream.

    • Are happy people/ couples identical to plants?
    • What is the definition of happy/ happiness?
    • What is my blind spot on this?
    What's your opinion?

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    There is always this

    Around Christmas (2010) I bought a new CD: Sade/ Best of. I keep on playing her music in my car. Again and again.
    I'm fascinated by her. Melodies. Lyrics. Her face and body. I love her eyes and lips. Great body.

    What more to say? I "knew" her name and was familiar with a few of her songs before but ... in the past I was never interested in her. Can't tell why.

    I love these 2 songs best:
    This may come.
    This may come as some surprise but I miss you
    Is it a crime
    Is it a crime
    that I still want you
    and I want you to want me too

    I always hope that you remember
    What we have is strong and tender
    In the middle of the madness
    Hold on
    So it truly is a good thing
    And I always wanted you to know
    There is always this
    And this is everlasting
    Hold on