Wednesday, May 25, 2016


The haywain. 

The world that turns around and around. And around. And around. Never to stop. For some it's up. For some down. Others enjoy, suffer, experience rewinding or rough years. Others see only a clear and blue sky. Question: is there next to physical 'law of conservation of energy'  also a law that says that total of emotion on planet Earth remains constant?

For the Christians life is a two-way-street: it's either good or bad. In the end the individual goes either to heaven or to hell. Nothing in between. 

What can we know? What should we do? What may we hope? Who is man? Those are the 4 basic questions of humanity according to a wise man. (Who? That's a Chinese garden.)

Kapuscinski: "And so the three possibilities I have mentioned have always stood before man whenever he has encountered an Other: he could choose war, he could fence himself in behind a wall, or he could start up a dialogue."

Back to basics? On a individual level it's fencing ones-selves behind a wall. Two steps ahead of everyone is that possible around the haywain? Or should we shift to another image? If yes, what image?

P.S. The haywain is the image in the central panel of the triptych 'The Haywain' (around 1516) from H. Bosch.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Have a Beer on Me

What can we learn from fighter pilots for everyday life?
1. Train like you fight
2. Don’t be both out of airspeed and ideas
3. Keep your knots up
4. Keep your scan going
5. Lost sight, lost fight
6. You can only tie the record for low flight
7. There’s no kill like a guns kill
8. Don’t turn back into a fight you’ve already won
9. You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take

10. A letter of reprimand is better than no mail at all
11. If you know you’re about to die, make your last transmission a good one

My favorite is #9. Just shoot! Nothing wrong with getting some bruises (#10).

Source: Ward Carroli