Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ready for takeoff

WOW with a big :))

Last Sunday I was - for the first time in two years - back in a glider. Just for a ride. How I loved to be back in the sky again.
The thrill of ...
  • Silence. Waiting in complete silence in the cockpit. Ready for take off
  • Tightening of the winch cable
  • Speed. More speed. Off the ground. "100 meter". "300 meter". "450 meter"
  • "Bang". Off the hook! "Bijprikken. Ontkoppelen. Kleppen. Snelheid."
  • Silence again. Blue sky above. Below ground in so many colours
  • Hand on the stick. In control of the aircraft
Friday I'll fly again. The weather forecast for thermals is good. Life is good :) 
P.S. Never went for a ride in a glider? I don't know how to make you sensitive for my thrill. It's something like a roller coaster but better. So much better.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blind Alley. Or Not?

Paper-book. Last week I sorted out 500 paper books of my father-in-law. He died 7 years ago. Books on psychology and sociology. He was a teacher. I kept only 15 books. The rest will be thrown away. The sorting yielded a box of things that were hidden in the paper books: postcards, accounts, address changes, newspaper clippings, private letters, pieces of papers with notes (phone numbers, quotes, summaries, etc). In one afternoon, the life of T slipped through my hands. Forty years of reading and apparently non reading. A lot of books were - as far as I could tell - never read. 

E-book. In a couple of months I collected around 1,500 e-books. Read only two of them on my iPad. I guess I'll never read most of them ever. Never.

Transition. I live in a transition period. I have a lot of paper books. Books with dog ears, newspaper clippings and notes. (No private letters stored in my books.) My kids will be able to let my - paper book - life slip through their fingers one day. Analyse which books apparently are read and which were not. Wondering why I made certain notes and stored exactly those newspaper clippings.

Blind alley. Wondering about my personal reading will only be possible of my paper books. My e-book life of reading will be hidden from them. Hardly any personal touch in an e-book. 

Or not? Hardly any personal touch in an e-book? Unless someone invents 'Your Dog Ears. Digital Bookmarks with a Personal Touch: Note. Picture. Link'. Storage of 'All My Personal Digital Dog Ears' in a cloud? cDogEar? cBookmark?