Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Why do I love Música Popular Brasileira #MPB? Why do I love Bruna, Ana Carolina, Ana Moura and many others?

Let me first say that MPB is for me a hat-rack. I like to listen to: #MPB #Fado and #BossaNova. These three music trends are in my mind, fused into "MPB". Regardless of whether this is justified by music theorists.

I love Bruna Caram's voice, smile, elegance and joy of living. She reminds me of you.

Ana Carolina's voice is sexy. Her lyrics are deep. She exudes sensuality. Nothing beats her song 'Confesso'. She reminds me of ...

I like Ana Moura best with her eyes closed. She is intense and pure. Shy. She reminds me ...

Marisa Monte's 'Bem Que Se Quis' is my favorite Friday afternoon song. She is sexy! Desire! She reminds ...

Andrea Martins is mysterious behind her black glasses. She ...
The singer that moves me most is Zélia Duncan. I never talk and think much about her. I don't want to. For me she is danger. Elegant. Deep. Sexo. Sober. Her songs are like poems. In a way I deny my attraction and longing for her. ...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Spread Across the World

Bruna Caram's CD 'Será Bem-Vindo Qualquer Sorriso' (English 'Will Welcome Any Smile') was released on 16 November, 2012. I downloaded it the next morning via iTunes for my new iPhone5.
Bruna is very satisfied and content with her new CD. With this CD she wants the audience to know her "completely". If she had a 'lâmpada mágica' her request would be: her singing spread across the world! 

She made a short summary for every song. Format: 1 tweet. I translated those tweets in English:
I love these 3 songs best:
  • 'Esfera' (Paulo Novaes). Try to allow each new act of love. And if you have to relieve: cry.
  • 'Flor de Medo' (Djavan). Come and kiss me once. You think too much. Come to me, body and soul.
  • 'Segredo' (Dalva de Oliveira). There is no remedy. Nobody is to blame for our disunity. Original from Dalva (1947): here.

  • My appreciation for this CD :) :) :) :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Decorated Apes

If you ever see this on a military uniform you can be sure he (or she) is a fraudster. Or it's carnaval ;)

Every war has its winners and losers. Or is this the wrong image on war? For the soldiers there are different rewards for their bravery or leadership. After winning World War II, for freeing the "Free World", Winston Churchill (1874-1965) was offered twice a Duke title. With the firm understanding that he would not accept. Bernard Montgomery (1887-1976) was offered, for his military leadership, a lower rank in the Peerage: Viscount title. 

The Germans lost World War II but if they had won that war, the most outstanding of Generals would have been awarded with 'The Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross'. The decoration was never bestowed ;

Ranks for bravery or leadership in Germany during World War II and their numbers:

Göring got his 'Grand Cross of the Iron Cross' for building up the German Airforce.

Ever heard of Hans-Ulrich Rudel (1916-1982)? He was a pilot who destroyed a total of 2,000 targets. Including 519 tanks and 1 battleship. He shot down nine aircraft. Rudel was the most highly decorated German serviceman of WWII. This is the baton belonging to his 'Knight's Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds':

Friday, November 9, 2012

Unvisited for 70 years

Why did she never return?

I strolled a bit on the internet and to be honest I couldn't find the (better: an) answer.  In 2010, at the age of 91, the granddaughter (1919?-2010) of Marthe de Florian died. On the inheritance list an apartment was discovered in Paris. An apartment she left in 1940 - she went to live in the South of France - and never went back there. All those 70 years she faithfully paid the rent. For what?  

In the apartment an unknown Boldini portrait was found of her grandmother. Worth 2.1 million euro. And a lot of love-letters.

What happened?

P.S. Somewhere in the weeks/ months to come I'll puzzle on this.