Thursday, May 4, 2017

It Must Be Wrinkles

Where does my interest for Ancient Egypt come from? I don't have a clear and ready to pick answer on that question. So here a couple of different tracks to the top of the same mountain:
  • At a very young age. The treasures of king Tut and the curse. The pyramids of Egypt #gold #VeryOld
  • For six months I lived near Sharm el Sheikh in the Sinai (South Camp, MFO) #desert #sun #NotTouristLiveHere #selfconfidence
  • Puzzling on hieroglyphs #QA more
  • Looking for an answer 'What is definition (or definitions) of happiness for Ancient Egyptians?' #QA #happiness more
  • Antidote against Ancient Greece and Rome #antidote more
  • Ancient Egypt as (partly) birthplace of Western civilization #fringe more
  • THAT in Aswan #enlightenment more
  • And in old Egypt? Some crafts(wo)man made a lovely goddess out of wood #PlayboyBunny #wrinkles more
  • ... - there must be more

As you can see this is a long list and in between lines you can read that Egypt and Ancient Egypt is entwined into my personal life. In a way I grew up with it. #GrowingUp

If I put it in images: I entered a world of Others when I set foot on Egypt soil in 1987. Sun, yellow and empty desert instead of rain, green, houses and roads. When I came back to The Netherlands I knew I was changed. Making fuss about loose tiles in the pavement (more) while people starve of hunger! 

Next to that I am still puzzling. I read a lot about Ancient Egypt but still I don't fully comprehend them. It still feels as a world of Others. In a way I am looking for their "magic". Better: I am trying to re-live their magic world. The magic that somewhere is hidden behind, above, underneath or ... - what image to use? - their eyes who "see" sun and not a huge pile of money when they use gold. #magic more

P.S. Different tracks to same mountain? I wrote about this earlier in blog post 'Frozen?' (2010).

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