Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Is language shaping the way we think? And write? And convey ideas?

Yes, I think so too. To be more accurate I think that images or metaphors are the atoms of our communication. Images are bigger than a written or spoken language. It's the very structure of what we say and think and how we act.

Words are image-atoms. Every single word! Sentences are a group of image-atoms with their own image-atom(s) as structure. Compris? Do you grasp how deep this goes? Every single word!

I think a lot of people will laugh mildly about the fact that Ancient Egyptians thought that writing down a hieroglyph meant that it was born. Coming alive! It sounds like a magic that passed away long ago but for me it's still true. It never died! The moment we use a new image-atom a new universe is born. With its pros and cons, (dis)advantages, pitfalls, (ab)use and ... - there must be more. With its own magic!

I don't know if different languages produce different image-atoms. My intuition tells me it's the same hardware but sometimes software is able to change the very hardware too. So? All what I wrote down before these words are: image-atoms. The question is: can we think beyond, above, under, on and ... - there must be more - image-atoms?

Et puis, there is always the magic of meeting familiar souls - the ones you know since childhood in retrospect - who play in the same sandpit. Or just sit next to it. Just a few words. Just a few minutes. And my life, your life and our lives change. Change as water flows through a river.

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