Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Slooow Letter

Slow letters are letters with the speed of a sailboat or airplane. And at the end of the long road from my snail-mailbox to your snail-mailbox handed over by a postman. In my country they still ride on a bicycle.

Letters here are: online and you can read them here now. Slow letters are not read here. They are sent and days, weeks or months later they arrive. It's content is old by the time you read it.

In a way slow letters feel more personal to me. Especially when they are handwritten.

Slow letters are a surprise. You never know when they're going to arrive. Maybe you'll never receive it at all. You wouldn't know I have sent you one. And I can't determine whether you have received it. Only in retrospect we can - when you give me a signal back. And in between - as time floats slowly: hesitation, uncertainty, boredom and lack of confirmation. In the end always - I guess - resignation.

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