Thursday, January 8, 2015

Moi Aussi #NousBuvonsChablis

For some, pictures (cartoon, film or photo) hurt more than words. Not only for Muslims fighting for their Caliphate but all who dream of their One God. And their One God only: Allah, God, JWH, Democracy, Peace ... - there must be more.

What to do next? Don't be afraid. Go on with your life as usual. Smile :) Don't take your own opinions too seriously and the opinions of Others either. Communicate and don't get frozen. Always be cautious with those (enemy and friend alike) who believe in their One Dream.

JeSuisCharlie? No you are not Charlie. You aren't Muhammad either. You are you. Let's drink all of us 'homo sapiens' a few glasses - not too much - of wine. Friend and foe. In French:WeDrinkWine #NousBuvonsChablis.

#JeSuisCharlie should read #NousBuvonsChablis (c) JeanD99

Remember, these monotheistic fighters, fight via ("unfair") guerrilla warfare because they can't win this war via a ("fair") regular fight. Remember, all present nations - my hypothesis there is not one exception - are born via groups of parvenus who once started their own guerrilla: Dutch against Spain, Americans against England, Indonesians against The Netherlands, Israel against England, Cabo Verde Islands against Portugal.

P.S. I wrote on this before: 'Democracy is a monotheistic religion' (November 2009), 'You know'  (May 2012), 'Patina' (August 2013)

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