Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Without Preconceived Plan

Our holiday came to an end. How fast four weeks of a holiday pass. I don't dislike working but I prefer living in a steady state of 'dolce far niente' #dream #romantic.

I successfully finished the Four Days Marches in Nijmegen in my first week. 4 days x 50 kilometer. Pretty though! I fought and survived the demons of laziness, pain and sleep. For four days: Walking. Eating. Sleeping. Nothing else. I slept at my mother's place. My two sons visited me for a night. They cycled all the way from N to P, with the two of them, with the help of a map #ProudDaddy.

On Saturday in my second week, I fell from a stepladder. It caused terrible pain in my back. For two days I was hardly able to walk, sit or sleep. Not able to read. I only watched TV and fell asleep every now and then. After two weeks the strongest pain eased. Thank God! But I am still not fully recovered after 3 weeks.

Last week of my holiday we renovated 2 bedrooms.

The weather in The Netherlands was tropical. Kids played with their friends. Swimming. Watch TV. Playing games on computer and iPad.

I did not read one of the books I planned to read. I started with re-reading - I read it 15 years ago for the first time - Ton Lemaire's 'Wandelenderwijs'. A book on walking. After finishing that book, I read five other books without a preconceived plan. 
And now? Now I am in the mood of re-reading Johnny Frisbie's 'Miss Ulysses from Puka-Puka, the autobiography of a South Sea trader's daughter' (1948). And finally read her father's book 'The book of Puka-Puka' (1929). I bought this rare book, 12 years ago, for more than USD 170 but never read it.

... - you know.

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