Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This week I realized that the image that best describes my mindset and reading-habit is: rafelranden. It's an image in Dutch. In English translated best with 'fringe' or 'outskirts'.
My Fringe on people:
My Fringe on history:
  • Stone age in contrast to our mechanized world.
  • Ancient Egypt in contrast to ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Neoplatonism in contrast to mainstream Christianity.

What's my point? It gives my life color and light as I engage myself with people, periods, books and languages that are not mainstream in my country and society. Thereby I appreciate what I have. It makes me realize - time and again - that nothing is given and everything comes from somewhere and has its own, individual story. It makes a normal and mainstream life, my life, better intelligible.

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