Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two years blogging. Checkup

It's All About You. Every wednesday I write a private letter to you.  And when I talk about you - who else - I talk about me too.

This week I'll be blogging exactly two years. Every wednesday I write one letter - in a public blog - to you about what's puzzling me. A book. One sentence. A song. The clouds up in the sky. Saudade. Sharing a memory, good quote or poem. A picture. An image. Sometimes ancient images. Mostly in a historical context.

My blog is thoughtful and light. Above all it's sharing the love for living life. My life. Our lives. Down to Earth. With respect. Doing it my way. Against the flow of superficiality. I want you to puzzle, wonder, smile or cry. I want to walk, with the two of us, in our chinese garden. More

For today I did a checkup of my 'Live life! - wednesdayblog'. This is the score I have given myself:
Adaptations following checkup:
  • #2 and #3 Change title of blog to 'Wednesday. Letter to You'. It's more exact the focus or niche what I'm pointing at with my blog.
  • #8 Is it all about me? I'll ask you. 
  • #18 Collaborating with other bloggers. I've to focus more on my blog community.
  • # 20 and #21 Skip this. I'll not focus on keyword-rich titles and search engine optimization. Not interested.
The first year was tough. My second year of blogging was easy. For me it's all about routine. Just sharing me with you for us once a week on wednesday. It's out of love :)

Question: What do You Think of the Useability of My Blog? Is it Useful, Interesting or Entertaining?


  1. Saudade is really a great word :) Happy anniversary!!

  2. Congratulations on 2 years of blogging!
    And also evaluating each of the points from the 21 blogging mistakes -
    There's so much to take into account isn't there!
    A bit like trying to rub your stomach whilst patting your head LOL
    Here's to the third movement :)