Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This is when my buzzer goes

Sometimes I dream that I'm awake. Sometimes I'm awake and dream. Sometimes I forget the source of what I think. Was it in my dreams? Was it during daytime? Or was it in the time in between? In between sleeping, dreaming and waking up in the morning ... vaguely remembering images and words.
A few days ago I thought for a few hours that in portuguese 'sonho' is the word for both 'dream' and 'cloud'. I was wondering how the connection was ever born. What a great image: a dream as a cloud! I had questions like:
  • When was this connection born? 12th century? Context?
  • Influence of Roman, Christian and Muslim worldview?
  • Is this image (partly) shifted since we are able to fly?
Stop! I checked out in a dictionary. The portuguese word for 'dream' is 'sonho'. And 'nuvem' for 'cloud'. I wasn't able to find (better: refind) any connection. In retrospect I must have dreamed it. Influenced by a song - which one?

Today another dream was shattered. Progress? Progress since species 'homo sapiens' went farming and settled? Progress since our Neolithic Revolution 10,000  years ago? Really? All the Hot, New, Cool and Wow Stuff of Today  are Extensions. The car and airplane are an extension of legs. Phone of the ear. TV of the eye. The computer of the brain. A machine gun with dumdum bullets an extension of our ancestors sticks and stones. None of these extensions ever succeeded - to my knowledge - in changing human nature. People behave as ever (non-limited list): ambitious, in love, greedy and selfish.

This weekend a lonely New "Knight Templar" went on Crusade in Norway. Fighting against the multi-cultural society and Islam. I thought it was "real" in a bad dream. But when I woke up it was still there.


  1. "None of these extensions ever succeeded - to my knowledge - in changing human nature." A few people have set example for a new kind of human nature. Take the Dalai Lama, for example. Stuff will not change the human nature but human being themselves.
    I think the self-called Knight Templar took the wrong meaning of it. The poor little fuck is merely a murderer. If you want to upgrade him, call him a mass murderer.
    Having Portuguese as mother language, it never occurred to me the relation between sonho, dream and cloud. But the idea is dear; maybe it's all because they are so... ethereal.

  2. Belo texto, Jean... eu às vezes comparo sonhos às nuvens, principalmente quando viajo de avião e as nuvens ficam abaixo de nós...é um sonho lindo de viver, uma imagem inesquecível aos olhos e à alma! Sonhos ruins não existem, se é sonho, só pode ser bom. Pesadelos existem aos montes e estão na mídia, pronta para nos mostrar todos os dias as transgressões dos sonhos... infelizmente!

    Um beijo!

    PS: comments there on my blog today, would make me happy! ;-)