Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Chinese Garden

Do you want to take a look at my Chinese garden? If yes, open 


  1. Being a traveller who is always curious as to what lies over the next horizon or around the next corner I certainly could not resist being drawn through the door ( a little like Alice in Wonderland!) into a garden to experience a true gift ~ The Present!
    So I stopped a while and took in the scent of the scene ~
    Great to be reminded how sometimes one should just 'be' as opposed to the busy bee 'doing' ;)

  2. Hi JD , it was great visiting your garden, I could smell the fresh grass and hear the sound of the frogs:)I should mind the rocks on my way home...


    the mother of pearl

  3. What a CLEVER post Jean. I loved being drawn in through the door, and around the .... ~ I won't spoil it for others!! We have a beautiful Chinese Garden in the center of Sydney. I have visited it on a number of occasions and it's serenity is blissful in a large city. Oh...and I love doors too!

  4. Brilliant post, it is all you. It was a great pleasure meeting you and learning a bit from your strong desire of embracing the world, positively enjoying life.

  5. that's an interesting and lovely metaphor of "your" Chinese Garden...
    thank you for the invitation in allowing me to walk...roam...feel...smell...experience all the moments of peace and joy ...getting in connection with all mother nature... & I dare to say I walked with fairies ...played...and shared many of golden grins with all the sentient beings that were dancing around...
    in the quietness of the moment through the eyes of Mr J.'soul I found my inner balance for the coming new day ;)