Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Summer is coming. Time to think and dream about 'Where To Go To' this year's summer. 

I loved to stroll in the streets of Obidos (Portugal). The walk on Offa's Dyke in Wales (United Kingdom) was satisfying more. I met God in the church of Czestochowa (Poland) more. My favorite place for skiing is Voralberg in Austria more. The view from the mont Ventoux (France) was breathtaking. I long for the colours and smell I saw on the coast of Alicante (Spain). One day I'd love to have a little hotel somewhere along the mediterranean sea in Egypt. I could live in Germany. I'm very content with my old house and little village (The Netherlands) I live in. But ... - take a breath! 

there is only one place on this Earth I immediatly felt at home: Lake Annecy (France). To be more exact: it was home. It felt natural and familiar. The views. The course of the streets. The composition of the mountains and water everywhere. I know it sounds stupid and crazy but I must have been there before. 
We travelled via Verdun and the Jura to Menthon-Saint-Bernard on the edge of Lac D'Annecy (english 'Lake Annecy'). It was a bit windy. The air was full of rain - but it wasn't raining. When I drove into the valley I knew where to drive to. I knew what the next view would be. I just knew ...

Question: Ever been to a place you must have been to - somehow - before? How?


  1. It sounds like a case of Astral Travelling don't you think?
    I have experienced this 'knowing' regarding an old friend ~ I hadn't been in touch with them for some time, but when I awoke I 'knew' what they were doing (change of job) and a week later got a post card from them telling me!!

  2. I don't know Linda. I'm not familiar with Astral Travelling. To be honest that's not my cup of tea. I think that in our (partly subconcious) mind we are able to predict the future out of bits of information we collected before.
    In a way in Lake Annecy my deepest dreams of paradise of this valley must have been touched.