Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yes, You! We Need You.
You probably never heard of Richard Hennig (?-1951). Or have you? I don't blame you for that. He wrote in German the four-volume book 'Terrae Incognitae' between 1930-1935. And updated it until his death in 1951. It's a very interesting, unique compilation and critical asessment of the main expeditions before Columbus' (1451-1506) using the original reports. He starts with Queen Hatschepsut's expedition to Punt around 1493 BC and ending with Cousin's expedition to the New World in 1488. 

The original reports of 199 expeditions translated directly in German. WOW. Including a critical analysis of the reports and links to names, places, archeological evidence etc. Hennig's exhaustive work has - as far as I know - never been repeated by anyone. Nor in German nor in any other language.

I have a dream. We - species 'homo sapiens' on planet Earth - need someone who refreshes Hennig's work. Are you able to do the job? Do you want to spend your money to let someone else do this job? Fund?

To do:
  • Collecting original reports of all "main" expeditions before 1492. Did Hennig miss main expeditions?
  • Translation of reports in English
  • Asessment of reports. Including pick out relevant archeological, historical etc evidence
  • Summary
  • Publishing on internet and linked to Wikipedia 

The wisdom of the crowd is OK but on this we need an editor. You?

Footnote. On internet and Wikipedia there are lists of Expeditions (English) and Entdeckungsreise (German) but these are not deep enough. They don't give access to the original texts.


  1. That sounds like a M-A-J-O-R project ~
    Backing up 'reports' with evidence of expeditions pre 1492 would be a real task!
    The earliest recorded sighting of Australia is not till 1606 -
    here's a great list compilation of landings in Australia here:
    Sorry, I'm not an editor :)

  2. Yep. It must be a major project. It took Hennig 5 years! Interested in 199 "main expeditions" list?