Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food for thought

Mafia and food. What is their fascination with food? I have seen so many pictures of mafia bosses and soldiers eating their food with so much concentration and purity. Coincidence?

  • They just love food - like everyone else?
  • Moment they are not at work?
  • Russian roulette? Risky - the food could be poisoned?
  • Childhood memories? Remembers them of the days - before they entered the mafia - they were at home not being afraid they could be murdered any moment?
  • Something to do with 'blut und boden'? They do their business always on a certain territory (italian 'mandamento'). They love home made products, more than Others, just because they fight with their lives - day in and day out - for the territory/ ground/ 'boden'/ homeground they feel entiteled to?
  • ... or?

1 comment:

  1. Strange. I know that you are not allowed to photograph royalty when they are eating. It is considered undignified, so I really have know idea why mobsters exhibit their eating habits in this way. A sign of gluttony, maybe?