Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It feels strange. Yesterday I ran into my first Facebook-suicide. He - I'm not telling you - shut down his account because he spend "too much time on social media". He had to "focus" on other "more profitable" activities.

So be it.

What's my opinion on all this? Don't really know. I guess something like the real-world suicide: it's your life and your choice. Live your life or step out! At the same time I feel so well balanced. Social media for me is so much easier when I stick to my concept 'maximum of 40-60 friends' on Twitter, Facebook and BlipFM. It keeps my timelines at ease. We can't be in control of all the tweets, newsitems and music on planet Earth. I'm in control because I'm out of control. Let it float.

P.s. I wrote a couple of times on this subject before. Read this: 'Virtual friends. The distance is so much bigger but the format is the same'.

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