Thursday, February 25, 2010

How about you? Never get tired of all the exaggerations in tweets?

Sometimes I feel as if I'm from out of space. All those tweets that are: new, exciting, more, good, wildest, latest, spark, awesome, ever, better, best, great, greatest, top, special, expert, ace, golden, one, recommended, changing, integrated, definitive, revolutionary, highly, genius, influential or super. Mostly with a capital letter.

At first I always checked out those tweets but I found out pretty soon mostly it's exaggeration. Mostly it's misuse of terminoly or cry for attention.

Why? Why are so many twitterers using so over the top words for just another story, software or picture? Am I too dutch on this? I guess it's because Twitter is above all a promotion medium. Self-promotion or promotion for their friends, career, organisation or business. Some statistics. Why do we tweet? 29% promoting own company, 26% networking career, 25% finding new stuff, 9% to talk about anything except business, 9% other and 3% promoting non-profit organisation (source July 2009).

Twitter is above all a marketplace. A place where everyone speaks out very loud: follow & read me and buy my business.

Exaggeration. I'm much more wondering about all the fascination for "new", "great" and "best". Something to do with the american "new frontier"? The present day translation of "Go West young man. Go West"? Is it something typical of western culture? Where does it come from historical? How do chinese sell their business? What words are they using for it - how does their picture look like in Wordle? Or are they not using words?
  Footnote. Picture source: Wordle JeanD99

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