Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reading books. It's like a mirror. It always brings me closer to ...

Why do people read? I don't know. Why do I read? I read the newspaper for getting informed of what's going on in my country and on planet Earth. I read books for pleasure. Mostly history related. I want to know where "we" came from and by knowing that being able to predict where we're going to. I want to monitor if  "we" are on the "right" track. I don't want to follow any authority. I always want to read the sources myself. It's so easy to say that Hitler, Mohammed and Jesus are a piece of crap but they once were individual human beings too with their own tears and fears, jealousy and love, dreams and (personal) constraints?

I read books for fun and pleasure, looking for a mirror, dreaming of what's lost and dreaming of what could be. I read books because it makes me feel alive. In a way books always bring me closer to me. I'm more me while I read. Hunderds of questions in a flow while reading. Mostly no need to answer my own questions. When a question is urgent I'll look for an answer in another book, on internet, by doing something else or while sleeping. Urgent questions of today are mostly vanished in 2 or 3 days. Strange isn't it?

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