Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music "fan": Kate was my first

Well ... what to say? I love music. It makes me laugh, smile and gives me tears. Only sometimes. Most of the time it just blows away ... while living my life. I love lots of music. My first love in music was Kate Bush. How I loved her when I heard her first two elpees when I was 16 or 17. I can't remember which songs I liked best back then. Now I like 'Symphony in blue' and 'Feel it'  best.

I'm not a "fan"! I grew up together with her. I love(d) her voice. Some emotions and lines of her became mine too. Did I got them from her or did I find the emotions underneath it myself living my life? I can't tell anymore. Most important: does it really care? I love and loved her because what she gave. I'm very very gratefull. Music? Life is more than music on a CD - thanks to Ana Carolina.

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