Friday, July 24, 2009

For me new. KT with 'This woman's work'

More on Kate Bush.

Today I checked out katebushnews and wikipedia concerning KT. I'm overwhelmed by all the details, all the links etc. Lots of songs I never heard of. So much I never read before and never realized before. There is a whole universe behind the music I listen to now and then. A world of "fans" who like this or that, who are hungry for an answer of their hero or goddess, who live in a world where Kate is the alpha and omega of the universe.

Well all that's my observation. It's the world of the "others". It's OK!

How about me? I'm hungry too but only for a while. Just lurking a bit. Listen to KT music. Feel and observe what it does to my emotions and thoughts. I loved this song: This Woman's Work. Never heard (of) before. I'm so greatfull of having found this! Thank you!

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