Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kate Bush. Mystic on 'Aerial'. Invitation to be nondualistic

To be honest - I always feel a bit uncomfortable sharing this side of me - I think Kate Bush is a mystic. Someone who knows by direct experience that the world is 1 and nondualistic.

When I listen to her CD 'Aerial' and look at the booklet and CD-itself I know she is a mystic. Why? Because every song is an invitation to us to look and see that the world is not (a) black or (b) white but ... something in between.

1. King of the mountain. Elvis (a) dead or (b) alive.
2. Pi. Putting (a) a number to it every time or (b) infinity.
3. Bertie. ?
4. Mrs Bartolozzi. Your (a) shirt on washing line or the (b) real you.
5. How to be invisible. (a) Visible or (b) being invisible.
6. Joanni. Joan of Arc (a) married woman or (b) god inspired woman with no ring on her finger; who is that girl? (a2) Joan of Arc in song or (b2) Kate Bush in picture.
7. A coral room. (a) Above the water or (b) underwater; Bermuda traingle (a1) crashed planes and everybody drowned or (b2) living underwater in a different world.

1. Prelude. Songs of birds that sounds like (a) soundwaves or (b) words.
2. Prologue. ?
3. An architect's dream. (a) Accident/ mistake in a painting that becomes the (b) best mistake.
4. The painter's link. (a) Painting that runs beause of the rain and becomes (b) wonderful sunset.
5. Sunset. (a) Sea or (b) Sky of honey.
6. Aerial. (a) Song of a blackbird or (b) is he/ she talking.
7. Somewhere in between. In between (a1) talk about what happened to 'we' or (b1) be silent about it; (a2) day or (b2) night; (a3) waxing or (b3) waning wave; (a4) singing a song or (b4) what the silence says; etc sleep-waking up, breathing in or out, night-morning.
8. Nocturn. (a) sea or (b) sky; (a2) dreaming or (b2) waking.
9. Aerial tal. I can't (a) hear a word you're (b) saying in your language.
In the booklet the boat named 'Aerial' is literally in between the lyrics of (a) Sea of honey and (b) Sky of honey.
CD itself
When you look at the cover of the CD itself  (a) picture of cloths on a washing line. When the CD starts the picture becomes (b) one white dot as if it's in a washing machine.

Somewhere in between: invitation to be nondualistic
Well ... lots of duo's. Lots of things that seem black or white at first site but that become something in between when you "..." For me the key to the 'Aerial' CD is the song 'Somewhere in between'. "We" stand on the top of the highest hill and there we had "...". The 3 dot's represent enlightenment, a direct experience of unity or oneness of the world. The 3 dot's represent "that" what cannot be expressed in words. "That" what we should be silent about. "That" what is so beautiful. What does all that mean to us (better: me). What do you feel when you put your hand over the side of the boat (named 'aerial'), when you are literally in between the sky and under water? Then you are living your life in a boat. You can fly into the sky. You can dive into the sea. Whatever you do it's OK. Live life!

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