Saturday, May 5, 2018


Embrace life! Say yes to yourselves! Don't dream of an elsewhere in the past or future! 

It's an invitation ... nothing less. I know it's easily put but is there any other way? If not, you will hurt yourselves more than you need to. Some get hurt by nature. Some get hurt by nurture. Some recieve both. Life isn't fair.

For me, embracing life is the psychological equivelant of physical huging. A hug is an image for embracing, yes-saying or affirmation.

In German it's the Nietzschean concept of Verneinung and Bejahung (more). Nein = no or nay. Ja = yes. Nay-saying versus yes-saying. What a sharp observation of Nietzsche. Was Clarice Lispector influenced by this philosophy? (She lived some time in Bern, this is a German-speaking part of Switserland.) Her last sentences in her book 'The Hour of the Star' (1977): "My God, I just remembered that we die. But - but me too?! Don't forget that for now it's strawberry season. Yes."

Bejahung or yes-saying is a healing activitity. It makes sweet and sour whole. It repairs what is broken with gold.


P.S. You saw this picture before in post 'Literally Illuminated in Gold' (2017).
P.P.S. Next to that just be you.

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