Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Yesterday at 18:11 hours - I remember looking at the clock because I promished to start cooking dinner at 18 sharp - I finished my book on the Cape Verde Islands. After three years this transcription and translation of 17th century Dutch documents reached its end.

My foreword ends with this. In a nutshell it tells it all:
"The main goal of this annotated translation is to unlock this unique and beautiful 17th century Dutch treasure to humanity. To remove the veil from the Cape Verde Islands. In a time that information and products floated over the seas with – take a deep breath and try to visualize – the speed of a sailing ship. With sailors on them of whom roughly 25% would never see the harbour again they started their voyage from."

What is left is checking foot- and endnotes and editing. It will be published as a print-on-demand book.

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