Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Understood & Gently

Nor Vashti Bunyan (born 1945) nor Sibylle Baier (born in the 50s?) opted for pursuing a singing career in the 70s. They made one album with lovely folk music and that was it. They concentrated on raising a family. How cool!

Listen to this lovely song 'Tonight' from Sibylle Baier. Music: here 

"tonight when I came home from work 
there he unforeseen changed in the lazy chair 
and said "what's that sorrow you bear?" 
and I could tell him, he understood 

he gently took my arm 
he listened to my tears till dawn 

I dedicate this song to you 
tonight we had change of the moon 
we had change of the moon" 

P.S. The picture above is Sibylle with her son Robby. The source is probably the website that no longer exists.
P.P.S. More info on her: here

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