Wednesday, May 6, 2015

They Are Missing the Point!

Darkly despondent. Goofily exuberant. Grand folly of a record. English magic. Biggest stylistic jump in Kate Bush's career. 

Many adjectives on KT's CD 'Aerial' (2005) but so ... meaningless. Michael Bonner even says of the first disk ('A Sea of Honey') - in UNCUT. Kate Bush. The Ultimate Music Guide (2015 Issue 3) - that it's a collection of unconnected songs. Unconnected!

Is "everyone" still missing the point that Kate Bush is a mystic on her CD 'Aerial'? Someone who reaches beyond good and evil? Beyond sky and sea? Beyond music and silence? Beyond dead or being alive?

P.S. I wrote about this on July 26th, 2009 'Kate Bush. Mystic on 'Aerial'. Invitation to be nondualistic'

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