Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chephren Gneiss

What am I reading these days?

Yesterday I finished Arita Baaijens, 'Een Regen van Eeuwig Vuur' (1993). Travelling with camels in the Egyptian Desert. Lovely read. I was very interested in Chephren's Gneiss Quarry in the desert, 60 km from Abu Simbel. 

I am reading six other books at the same time:

  • Bertus Aafjes, 'Morgen Bloeien de Abrikozen' (1954). Stories from Egypt where Bertus stayed three years
  • Arita Baaijens, 'De Woestijn als Passie' (1995). Desert stories from Arita and many (famous) travellers. I have read this book once before but I wanted to read it again
  • Manuel E. Costa Sr.,  'The making of the Cape Verdean' (2011)
  • Carlos García Peña, 'Cabo Verde Fortalezas, Gente e Paisagem' (2000). Bilingual book in Portuguese and Spanish about fortresses, people and landscape of the Cape Verde Islands
  • Peter Russell, 'Prince Henry 'the Navigator' A Life' (2000)
  • Perry Moree, 'Met Vriend die God Geleide. Het Nederlands-Aziatisch Postvervoer ten tijde van de Verenigde Oost-indische Compagnie' (1998). Mail (read: snail-mail) transport at the time of the Dutch East India Company
I am now looking for a good book guide for the Egyptian desert on birds, mammals, flowers, reptiles etc. Can you suggest one?

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