Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just in Case

The world is on fire - I know. "IS" is fighting for their Caliphate in the Middle East. War in Syria, Ukraine, somewhere in Africa and ... - there must be more. People starving everywhere because of lack of food or water. Not in Western Europe! People dying every day while crossing the Mediterranean Sea, trying to enter Europe. One out of fifteen people are unemployed in my country. 

In a way I don't care. Or better: I try to live my life and I do not want to carry, on my back, the burdens of Planet Earth. 

I am not rich. But so much richer than most 'homo-sapiens' on planet Earth. No real worries for me concerning work, money, house, marriage and kids. Nothing to add or subtract. Not for me.

Next to that I am a romantic and a dreamer. I dream of you. I dream of my "perfect" house and gardens just in case I win the lottery. Last weekend I made a sketch. I only drew the ground floor. I have to draw later: the second floor, ceiling and front view.

I would love to share it with you: 
House and gardens. Ground floor

On the floor. Belgisch hardsteen 'Blauw gevlamd' for the hall. 'Licht gezoet' for the rooms downstairs

'Visgraat parket' for the sitting room and study

Study in red


Herbs. Close to kitchen

'Bakhuisje' for baking bread or pizza


Beuk- en meidoornhagen

Rows with aspargus

Pre-historic house in the back of garden (right)

Trapper's lodge in the back of garden (left)

Walnoten and tamme kastanjes

'Hoogstam' trees. One apple. One peer

Something to add or subtract?


  1. I do believe if you put it out to the Universe - the Universe responds - so I look forward to seeing this all eventuate, as you've incorporated so much detail - It seems as though it's real already :)