Tuesday, September 2, 2014

And Gooseberries

More on Machu Picchu. I checked the book of Alfred Bingham for extra information on the three families that lived on Machu Picchu when Bingham "found" this site in 1911: Richarte, Alvarez and family three (name?). Looking for pictures of their houses, gardens and families.

Hiram III Bingham wrote, in 1922, in his book 'Inca Land', about his discovery of Machu Picchu in July 2011:
"Here the Indians had finally cleared off and burned over a few terraces and planted crops of maize, sweet and white potatoes, sugar cane, beans, peppers, tree tomatoes, and gooseberries."

I found these five photos from 1911:
Photo 1: On the right the little boy (from one of the 3 Indian families?) that showed the way.
Corn (?) on the far right. 
Photo 2:  The restored house of one of the 3 Indian families. Which family? The third family?
Photo 3. One of the three Indian families. Which one?
Photo 4. Crop area. One of the crop areas? Which family?
Photo 5. Vegetable garden. One of the vegetable garden? From which family?

And this quote (page 163):
"Actually three families were living in the ruins. Bingham did not learn the farmers' names till the following year, and then the names only of two of them. The location of Richarte's and Alvarez's huts was marked on the survey map made in 1912 and appears to have been near the site of the later tourist hotel. The third family lived in a rehabilitated ruin at a higher elevation."

Well I found more than nothing but still thinking ... there must be more somewhere hidden in archives. Where? What? 

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