Friday, July 4, 2014


Every object has its story. I got a couple  of shoeboxes stuffed with stones, shells, human artefacts and ... - there must be more. One day, if ever :), I'll take a picture of every object and add the story that belongs to it. For my kids. For you.

I picked this Conus Textile in the Red Sea during a snorkeling trip. "Wow that is a nice one!". Where to put it? I have to keep my hands free for swimming! Easy ...put it in my swimming trunks. I continued my swimming. All those fish. All those colours. Watch out for sharks. After a few minutes a big "ouch!" in my trunks. Where does that come from? My balls! Grabbing in my truncks I find out that a little lobster (or ..?) peeps out of the shell, I just picked up a few minutes ago. That "stupid" animal was biting in my ...

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