Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Guardian Angel: iDrone

How long will it take before all of us have our own personal drone, flying around us as a guardian angel: our personal iDrone?

A human made artifact that:
  • Sees as an owl
  • Hears as a whale
  • Smells like a wolf
  • Tastes likes a foot taster
  • Touches like a bat
  • Navigates as a bird
  • Detects electric fields as a fish
  • Monitors the condition of the body (e.g. blood pressure, heart beat and temperature)  as a doctor
  • Emotionally balances as a psychologist
  • Communicates as a secret agent
  • Translates as a polyglot
  • Fights as a Gurkha
  • Plans as a scout
  • Takes care as a best friend
  • Advises as an old philosopher
  • Remembers like The Internet
  • Back-ups like NSA
  • ... - there must be more
To protect. To look ahead. To plan. To guard. To monitor. To communicate. What else?

All of us as extended human beings. Our weak spots strenghthened. (Mark that I don't say 'being repaired'.) Will it be a better world? What is the definition of "better"? Says who?

P.S. Skip the Google Glass or other 'optical head-mounted display'. Connect our iDrone via our iCorneal and those artifacts will feel like inseparable 'I'. 

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