Wednesday, March 13, 2013


You should learn Dutch! If it is not for me, do it for this song 'Fantastig Toch' from Eva de Roovere. I translated it for you in English :)

Eva sings in Belgian Dutch. The Dutch language spoken in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium.

Translation notes:
Note 1. 'Fantastig toch' is translated in 'Fantastique anyway'. In correct Dutch the sentence should read 'Fantastisch toch' and its translation 'Fantastic anyway'.
Note 2. 'Want jij is lastig' is translated in 'Cause you is difficult'. In correct Dutch the sentence should read 'Want jij bent lastig' and its translation 'Cause you are difficult'.
Note 3. 'Jouw kussen zacht' is translated in 'Your kisses soft'. I translated 'kussen' in 'kisses'. A 'pillow' is in Dutch a 'kussen' too. Both translations are possible for this song. I prefer the kisses ;)

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