Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Hundred Years from Today

It feels sad. Partly it feels like snow that melts in the sun. It feels tidy but at the same time such a waste.

When I die all the books I read, things I thought, wisdom I gained, love I received and gave is gone. Forever gone!

A few digital blogs are left. Only a handful of handwritten words. And the rest? Forever lost in a digital cloud hidden behind not traceable accounts and passwords. 

And our kisses? Our love? Our dreams? They will survive as long as one of us lives. And when the two of us are both dead? Then they, will be forever gone, too.

Sarah Vaughan/ A hundred years from today #music

Don't save your kisses. Don't! Cling to me closer. Hmmmm ... more close. And say you'll be mine. Remember, sweety, we won't see it shine. A hundred years from today. 

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