Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Is there a word for returning "home" after many years being in exile? Away from your loved ones, family and friends because you are a soldier or a sailor. No signs. No communications. Just uncertainty, questions and doubts for the ones who are leaving and for the ones who stay behind. In a 'sea' of longing. A la 'saudade'. A la 'lengsel'. A la 'sehnsucht'. A la ... - there must be more.

For species 'homo sapiens' it is only possible since 100 years to communicate directly over long distances. Only 100 years! Since our species invented writing - couple of thousand years ago - we are able to communicate via letters but these had to travel with the same ship or army in which 'you' went into exile.

Is the word (or are there words?) I am looking for: 'kingdom'? The bible talks about 'kingdom' versus 'in exile'. Camus uses the same distinction. 

Or is the word, image I am looking for: 'returning'? Returning to the womb. Returning to hugging arms, big and small kisses. Just being THERE.

How is making love with your lover after so many years? Does it feel like the first time? 

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