Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There are more books about Napoleon than someone can read in one life. That's what I learned at high school during the history lesson.

My son S. asked this week: "Why do you read so much?" My answer: I love to learn new things on subjects I am not familiar with. I am very curious. I like to visit unknown corners of people, countries or periods. It makes life shine.

I was not always like that. When I was 17, I was bored with books and knowledge in general. It all made no sense to me. But in retrospect that boredom lasted one or two years. Before and after that I just read what I wanted to read.

I am addicted to books. Addicted to the point of views that each book brings. Reading makes me humble.

I must have read thousands of books. Most books I only read once. Some, I read twice. There is only one book I never succeed to finish: A. Hitler's 'Mein Kampf'. I started it three times. All three times stopping at 2/3 ... what a bore.

Oek de Jong's 'Cirkel in het gras' did I read four (or more?) times. Gavin Maxwell's 'Ring of Bright Water' four or five times. His 'The House of Elrig' three times. There is only one book I keep on reading every few years: Jean Grenier's 'Islands'. I guess I read it 41 times!

How many books did you read from this Great Books list? I have only read 24 of the 100 listed. 

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