Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

Just finished Steve Jobs' 'De Biografie'. I cried a couple of times. More exact: finished the second half of the book. I started reading right after the pictures. Friday evening this book was lent to me from one of the colleagues of my history club. I borrowed it. I did not want to buy it - I can't really tell why.

It's "always" the same story! I start with one fresh, new book and two weeks later I'm reading three, four or more books at the same time. I am so used to my own habit that I am no longer surprised. In a way it's my way of not getting bored and locked in one book. It's my way to follow my own curiosity and not get frozen.
Two weeks (and a few days) ago I started reading with Ileen Montijn's 'Hoog Geboren' book in Dutch about the nobility of my country of the last 250 years. When I went to Amsterdam in the train, I started reading Athanius van Alexandrië's 'Verleidingen in de woestijn. Het leven van de heilige Antonius'. I wanted a thin and light book that fitted in my bag. It's a biography on Anthony the Great (circa 251-356) and since Friday evening I'm reading about Steve Jobs.

I guess tonight I'll start reading the first part of Jobs' book. But maybe the postman will bring something more urgent. It can be the wind. A song. A quote on the radio. Some image. A memory. Or ... that gives an impulse to read something else. 


P.S. In the end I finish reading "all" the books I once started. Exceptions: two or three books.

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