Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Aquele Beijo

Aren't we - inside our head - filled up with pictures, films, sentences, colours and smells? Of travels, books, lovers, people we met or things that impressed our senses? Every now and then one pops-up. For me, most of the time, by surprise.

Saturday evening I was in Amsterdam. Cristina Branco gave a concert in the 'Concertgebouw'. I loved to see her singing. Her face. The shape of her body. To hear her songs sung live, which are so familiar to me. Most of them were from her new album 'Fado Tango'. She was in control. Sang professionally. In a way it was too perfect. No mistakes. I guess I missed "real" emotion.

I loved 'Áqua e Mel' best.

I was not allowed to take pictures during the show. After the show I saw her, on my way back to the hotel, by accident, at the back of the Concertgebouw. At a distance of 3 meters.  I looked at her. She looked at me. I did not say anything. I did not take a picture. I simply nodded my head and smiled.

In the years to come every now and then pieces of Cristina's show will pop-up. Just like so many things: big and small, old and new, important or not, connected to you or not, intense or superficial. Just like 'that kiss'. Ours!

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