Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Know

#NotInTheMood ... - you know. [Skip] the subject.

While waiting for the arrival of Clarice Lispector's book 'Family Ties' I started, last week, reading two books (in Dutch) on #Breivik for background information:
  • Eildert Mulder, 'Anders Breivik is niet alleen' (March 2012)
  • Jan Jaap de Ruiter, 'De ideologie van de PVV. Het kwade goed en het goede kwaad' (March 2012)
I'm convinced that mixing and mingling of different cultures, religions and races is good and inspirational. A guarantee not to get frozen as individuals, society or country. Breivik's persistence on claiming that he did the Right Thing by killing seventy-seven people in Norway made me push on the [Pause]-button. Did I miss something? Am I too brainwashed? Did I fall asleep? What is my blindness according to the new knight templar Breivik? 

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. What do I have to understand?  According to Breivik  the Muslims are emigrating to the western world with the aim to destroy Christianity and establish a Muslim state. The Muslims are nice, considerate and pose no threat but are actually using 'taqiyya', this is concealing their belief and aims. What to do next in Europe, USA, Australia and in the rest of the western world? Can we still be saved? Via democracy? Answer: No, too many brainwashed people. Via institutions? No, takes too much time. There is no time left! According to Breivik there was only one solutions left: terror. That's what he used  on July 22, 2011. It was a wakeup call and call to action. Wake up! Act! The rest of the new knight templars (and 35% op the people who support this cause) will have to bully, deport or kill the Muslims. Before it's too late.

I pushed on the [Pause]-button again. 

Then to be understood. Breivik's wakeup call did not convince me. According to me, he is frozen on Muslims. It can't be true that Islam is only totalitarian, violent, immutable, uniform and incapable of reform and democracy. In the end we all want the same: a happy family around us and be merry with our friends.

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