Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mixture of Blossom and Ipanema

This morning I was drinking coffee under my veranda. Watching the clouds: grey and full of rain. Every now and then a little sun: warm and cosy. Windy. I looked at the blossom of the shrub behind the henhouse. No idea what the official name is of that bush. I call it: "that shrub with small white balls". The wind had blown away quite a lot of blossom. 1 week ago that shrub looked perfect. And now? Now it's over the top. The shrub was only perfect for about 14 days. 14 days and not one day more.

I guess that it's this emotion that makes us 'homo sapiens' (all of them? only after a certain age?) filled with saudade when we look at blossom, cherry blossom (Japanese 'sakura') and girls like HelĂ´ Pinheiro (the original 'Garota de Ipanema'). Beauty. Light. Mature life. On its top! At the same time realizing that life is short and that youth and beauty fades. On its top but for how long?

Monday I met a female colleague - a very beautiful and mature one ;) - I hadn't seen for more than a year. We chatted a little. Out of the blue she told me - it was something she wanted to tell me a couple of times before but never did - that I was "special" and "so not-Dutch". I was (better: am) "though", "direct" and at the same time "not a blunt Dutchman". There was something "mysterious" and "exotic" in me. Who ever told us that males don't like compliments? I felt very honoured! :)

P.S. Don't be jealous. There's no need to.  I felt very honoured. She made me feel special. At the same time I realize that I'm over my top and that I'm comfortable with that fact.

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