Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In The Distance

... - THAT!

I wrote on my first two moments of enlightenment: Czestochowa (1984) and Aswan (1987). I never wrote about my third - and last one until today - in 1990. In a way I was not ready for it - not telling you.

Holiday in Portugal. N and I. Fly and Drive! We drove from Lisboa along the coast to Porto. Along the river Douro to Braganca. Along the Spanish border via Castelo Branco to Marvão.

I fell in love with this part of Portugal. Remote. Hot. Medieval. For days I was pregnant with 'that'. N wanted to read a book near the swimming-pool and didn't want to visit Marvão for a second time. I drove early in the morning all the way up to this big eagle's nest. I needed to see it for a second time. Strolled for a few hours along its walls. Making pictures and enjoying the views. Nothing happened. On my way back to the hotel in Castelo de Vide I saw a little chapel on the left. Wondering how the view would be of Marvão from the 'Capela de São Salvador do Mundo'. (I found out later it's name and history.) I changed my plans and drove to the Capela. Parked my car. Couple of old people were cleaning the remnants of some party.

Sitting alone. Capela on my back. In the distance Marvão. Enjoying the view. And there it was again: THAT!   


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it's a beautiful place indeed. Would love to go back again :)

  2. An amazing all encompassing sensation to have in an amazing landscape - At one with the universe :)

  3. One of those moments with true alignment with the universe, wasn't it?