Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beminnen en bemind worden

To be honest. I'm fascinated by the definition of happiness. There are so many definitions! I guess my first wonder was born when I was eight years old - or am I idealizing myself on this? Remember what I wrote before? "What a bore is life and how predictable: to be born, live and die." This is what I told my maternal grandma at the age of eight after reading next week's TV-guide completely. She looked at me with a little, mysterious smile and said "Yes, you are right". I was old at the age of eight. The strange thing is this feeling never really left me. In retrospect my opinion back then was only a part of homo sapiens' life truth. In life, it's not about milestones, it's about all the days in between."

Next to that, I keep on puzzling on what people Say and how they Act. Sometimes the gap is so big and obvious. Why are they fooling themselves? Do they really think that no-one observes the 'Say-Act-Gap'?

Last week in my newspaper there was an interview with Kate Bush. Kate shared her definition of 'perfect happiness': "(Giggling) The point of these questions come down to this  'Loving and being loved'. That's what all of us want."

I can't tell if there is a 'Say-Act-Gap' for Kate. She could have referred to the image in her song 'Symphony in Blue' that she is needed for the symphony. This is taking care for procreation. She did not. She could have talked about her moment of enlightenment she refers to in her song 'Somewhere in Between'. She did not.

It's down to earth for her. Kate loving and being loved. That's all. Husband? Secret lover(s)? God(s)? Her son? Parent(s)? Friend(s)? Or ...?

In Dutch it reads "Beminnen en bemind worden". Was she referring to 'loving and being loved'? Or 'making love'? She was giggling! Or referring to both? 

P.S. Source: NRC weekend, Maart 2012, page 66.

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