Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Front Door

Would you open your front door for him? Would you invite him into your life? And mind and dreams? And in the end act alike? Would you've accepted Jesus as a prophet when you would have lived 2,000 years ago? Sure?

In retrospect it's easy to "see" who the true and false prophets were in history. In retrospect! What about the todays that are not lived yet and are not frozen into history? What to do with our present-day prophets who claim they "see" the end of time? Would you open your door for him or her? And in the end act alike?

What to do with Ronald Weinland? Is he a false prophet? The end of time did not come on September 29, 2011. Less than 3 months is left to May 27, 2012. Another false prophecy? Are you sure? Do we have to worry about: Greece in/out the EURO, killing fields in Syria, democracy in Egypt, next music CD of Madonna, holiday to Spain in July or ...?

What to do during the next 3 months? If I mock Weinland and his 'Church of God, Preparing for the Kingdom of God' (COG-PKG) I'll get cursed with "terminal diseases". After May hundreds of millions will die. According to the FAQ, his church is focused on helping those who are "genuine" in their desire to "follow and obey" God. We have to repent our false beliefs and practices, obey His ways of life and keep the Sabbath holy. "Finally, all must come to understand that there is only one true baptism in life whereby one can be forgiven of all sins. There is one true baptism into God’s one true Church, just as there is only one true Almighty Eternal God. Those who want to be baptized and desire to be begotten of God’s spirit must read and follow the instruction given."

In other words, Do We Need to Get Baptized into Weinland's COG-PKG?

How to get prepared for December 20-23, 2012? NASA has since 2007 received more than 5,000 questions from the public on this subject. Some asking whether they should kill themselves, kids and pets. 400 of those questions were answered (source). Should we Build a Spaceship and Fly Away from planet Earth - trying to escape?
  • Collision or near-miss with a large planetary object (Nibiru)?
  • Alien invasion?
  • Being destroyed by a giant supernova or super-massive black hole?
  • Geomagnetic reversal?
What's my point? Of course I'm teasing you :) ... there's no scientific proof for the doomsday scenarios above.  My real personal pleasure was puzzling on all those predicted end of time catastrophes. I looooooooooove puzzling. This is my point: Scientist are Prophets too. Making false and true predictions.  Only in retrospect we can tell which predictions were right and wrong. Who do I have to follow? What to do next?  

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  1. Jean, honestly I have never thought much about about it - it always seems a bit far fetched. It is as if I have been living my life to its full every single day so why bother about the end of times? Now the question resounding in my mind is if I had lived with Jesus and ignored him whatsoever. He must have acted like mad in those days - would I (so objetive, pragmatic, and downtoearth person) have listened to him? Not sure. But I have a hunch that I would. He was smart, had hard-hitting speeches that would touch the heart, to change lives.