Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Satisfy a Man Every Time?

How to Satisfy a Woman Every Time?
Caress her, give her compliments, hug her, charm her, let her enjoy, massaging her, fix things, empathize, sing for her, give her support and food, calm her, raise expectations, allow her to have her way, flatter her, encourage, cheer her up, hug, ignore fat pads, excite, give her rest, be protective, call her up, anticipate, be forgiving, give her jewels, entertain her, carry things for her, be polite, fascinate her, give attention, confidence, defence, clothing, brag about her, treat her as a princess, agree with her, pamper her, embrace her, die for her, dream of her, flirt, agree with her, squeeze her gently, please her, make her your idol, adore her.

How to Satisfy a Man Every Time? Do you really want to know? Yes!

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