Thursday, January 20, 2011

Right as Drinking a cup of Tea

Peter Bregman wrote a nice post on 'The Value of Ritual in Your Workday' (December 2010). In this post he points at the power of 'Pause' and 'Focus'.

He starts his post with a scene from the movie 'The Last Samurai'. Peter was most moved by the scene of a Samurai drinking tea: "Sitting at a low table, he moved deliberately, singularly focused on his tea. He contemplated it. Then poured it. Then sipped it, tasted it, and, finally, swallowed it. This, I realized, was the source of the samurai's strength. His acrobatics were impressive, but they were merely a oblique demonstration of his strength. The source was this tea ritual and many other rituals like it. His power as a warrior came from his patience, precision, attention to subtlety, concentration, and his reverence for the moment."

This is my comment on Peter's post:
The most striking scene for me on this movie: Samurai with their sources ;) fighting against machineguns. Lack of fit/ adapt/ learn. Technology changed - and still does - the way battles were fought. Frontal mass attacks of Samurai against working machineguns. It's suicide! Samurai should fight with guerrilla tactics. It would so much better fit to their strengths/ sources.

Frontal attack of Samurai on machineguns is like sweeping the deck of the Titanic. You will die! Adapt or die.  The Samurai of today are the commando's. With patience and concentration they hit precise at the Right moment. "Right" as drinking a cup of tea.

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