Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You know?

Only 200-300 years old! Did you know that all our present day focus on I, Me and Self is a highly biased perspective? It's a Western Enlightenment view on life of species 'Homo Sapiens'. It's only a couple of 100 years old. 200 - 300 years old! Surprised?

Twenty years ago I planned to write "someday" a book on the history of happiness. Four years ago I realised I don't have to write it anymore. It's already written by Darrin M. MacMahon in his book 'Happiness: A history'. I read it 4 years ago. Back than I needed a mirror. I needed something that dried my tears and cleared my head. Reading Darrin's book worked perfect for me. 

In a way we as species invented (better: have been inventing) "happiness". The definition on what a happy life is changed a few times during history (source):
  • Homeric.  Happiness = Luck
  • Classical. Happiness = Virtue
  • Medieval. Happiness = Heaven
  • Enlightenment. Happiness = Pleasure
  • Contemporary. Happiness = A Warm Puppy

It's my birthday today and I cry if I want to.

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