Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stop Talking.

... - I'm not telling you.

Silence or "..." is an underestimated activity. Yes, activity! It's the place where the mystic stops talking. It's the place where marriages are saved by not unnecessary hurting the other. It's the place where friends understand that we do not always want to talk. It's the place where new lovers find eachother's mystery and mutual attraction. 

It's the image of all the things that are not frozen, that are not experienced or that are not yet history. It's the place of thousands of possible ways you can follow. Or not. It's the place of making choises. Or not. It's the place of being active inactive.

We talk. We tweet. We buzz. We blip. Don't you need silence once in a while? I guess I think that we as species would communicate much better if we would be more silent once in a while. 

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